Generation Europe Foundation is proud to present the My Choices Planner, a new initiative aimed at students aged 12-14 and their teachers whose aims are to:

  • improve the health profiles of young people;
  • teach crucial life skills such as critical thought, goals-setting, self-analysis;
  • introduce effective healthy lifestyles education as part of national curricula.

The cornerstones of this initiative are a printed student planner and accompanying teachers’ guide, which help teachers help their students:

  • Learn about the different lifestyle choices available in relation to nutrition, physical activity, stress management and more;
  • Reflect on the choices they wish to make;
  • Set goals, track progress and evaluate outcomes;
  • Realise that the choice is theirs, and that what they choose will affect their lifestyle.

Full information on the contents and methodology of these resources is available here.

The My Choices Planner and Teachers’ Guide are coupled to powerful on-line tools which allow teachers to report on progress, measure the impact of this initiative in their school and in relation to other participating schools. In addition to being of direct benefit to schools, this will also enable Generation Europe Foundation to demonstrate the impacts of this initiative to public authorities and other stake-holders so as to help ensure long-term funding of this initiative.